Creativity and the Aging Artist

Creativity is a precious gift that need not diminish as you grow older. Tap the picture to see my complete Steller book.


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I Am Beyond Excited!

My new stencils have launched–take a look on the StencilGirl site! The painting shown, which I call “She Rises From The City With The Moon In Her Hair,” is part of the artwork I created using these stencils.

Wiebe-art pic 24-Painting She Rises

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When something takes wing

FERTILE. This painting features a stitched figure and is 11″ x 17″

I’ve taken a number of courses lately to improve my figure drawing skills. Understand that I do not consider myself a portrait figure, abstracts are more my thing, but I am always drawn to figures on an abstract ground.

Do I want my figures to look hyper realistic? Not really. I actually prefer an abstracted figure, or one that is a little weird, off, strange. But it is said that you have to learn how to do something correctly before you can break the rules. I actually think that is hilarious. What rule breaker would ever abide such a rule?

Nevertheless, I have learned all kinds of methods lately, plus a few handy tricks. The kicker is that taking these courses has me all in a flutter over doing digital art. Oh, I’ve played with enhancing my artwork digitally for quite some time, but this is a whole other level. Call me excited. Call me highly enamoured. Call me motivated and difficult to rip away from my iPad.

Isn’t that how it often works? You go hunting for one thing and it either sweeps you in a different direction or way further than you ever anticipated.

Don’t you I LOVE it when something new takes wing in your life?

P.S. You may ask why I chose a painted painting rather than a digital painting to illustrate this post. It is because the whole painting was planned digitally. My whole shtick is a creative combination of digital painting and brush painting.

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The Webs We Weave

The webs I am describing are not being woven around anyone except myself. No-one else is being deceived. The question is, am I deceiving myself?


I recently finished (if one ever finishes) two courses and have just begun another. These are online art courses, and chosen for my own enjoyment and learning. This sounds reasonable, right?

But, in a few weeks I am starting 2 other courses. They run concurrently. Which would be completely doable if my present course was ending. It is not.

Oh, the webs we weave for ourselves.

O, what a tangled web we weave when first we practise to deceive!
~Walter Scott

The webs I am describing are not being woven around anyone except myself. No-one else is being deceived. The question is, am I deceiving myself?

Can I do this? Will I do justice to any of these courses?

Perhaps the bigger question is, why am I doing this? I really have to think this through, but later. Right now, I am far too busy.

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True peace

can only come about

when it emerges    from

the inside out.


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There is little room for the sacred in our culture.

There is little room for the sacred in our culture. People who have visions or “visitations” from “another realm” are often considered mentally unstable, delusional, and are derided rather than cherished for the perspective their experiences have afforded them. Perhaps you are questioning my sanity right now, for suggesting such things might even be in the realm of possibility.

How would you respond to a friend who claimed to have been visited by an angel, communed with God, felt the unity of the universe course through their being or been provided with unshakeable, inexplicable knowledge they had never before been aware of?

“Have a nice day.”

“I have a few requests you might pass on for me, if you see God again.” Ha, ha.

“Have you had your medication dosages checked lately?”

“I could recommend a really good therapist.”

“Stress manifests in different ways.”

“OMG, can I have your autograph? Do you have a book coming out?”

“Would you be willing to share your magic mushrooms?”

“Please tell me all that you can about what you have experienced. The mystery of the universe has always intrigued me, and your story sounds fascinating.”

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Sometimes Words Fail Me


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Blessed and Cursed


An artist is blessed and cursed with vision.

Blessed, because she has the ability to make it visible.

Cursed, because that does not guarantee anyone will be open to that vision.

But whether or not she has an “audience,” an artist must say what is in her to say.

When I dare to be powerful, to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid.”  ~ Audre Lorde

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Too Serious and Funny At the Same Time

Other clowns know how serious we truly are under the funny face makeup.

I have often been told I think too hard and am too serious.

But I love to laugh and enjoy making others laugh. You might say I have always been somewhat of a clown, and other clowns know how serious we truly are under the funny face makeup.

Well, here is a caricature I made (from a selfie) that encapsulates those two parts of my nature.

It is a seriously funny look at a very serious expression. Flattering? Hardly. But funny? Absolutely.

I figure that if I can post this, I can post just about anything.

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“I am looking for a good hook,” she said. “The kind that lures people in.”

“People? What do you want to lure people into?” She had certainly caught his curiosity.

“Myself, actually.”

Now he was a little confused. “You want to lure yourself in?”

“Yes. I want to find something that really excites me, sends a jolt of electricity through me, lights me up. I’m just not sure what that is yet.”

“I was hoping I excited you a bit.”

“I said something that excited me, not someone.” She kissed him like she meant it. “But as important as a good relationship is, it doesn’t replace doing something where I can contribute to life, with a capital L, if you know what I mean.”

“Love has a capital L.” He grabbed her, held on tight. “But I do know what you mean. You are looking for a purpose to your life, THE purpose. It is a worthy goal. Laudable, with a capital L.

She gave him a push, pretending to be annoyed, but she knew he would support her completely. He was that kind of man. Which made her a lucky woman.

Lucky, with a capital L.

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