Fun foam stamp tutorial

Just for fun, I thought I would explain the fun foam stamp process step by step. It’s good practice for me, and I am learning something new every time I do this. It’s such a great, simple way to add pattern and personal marks to a piece of cloth, or paper. And extreme accuracy is not necessary, although you could certainly tighten everything up completely if you slowed down, cut the pieces very carefully, and used ink instead of fabric paint to print the image.

I print out my doodle pattern in multiples (whatever number I choose). I often do at least 2 of the same image in small, medium, and large sizes, as well as flipped orientations, to give myself lots of options.

1. Apply white glue to 2 images, identical except for the fact that one is flipped horizontally, or reversed. In this case, the design is symmetrical, so they look the same (I have an asymetrical example at the bottom of this tutorial). Glue the patterns onto the fun foam. Let dry thoroughly–I leave them overnight for this stage.

Glue bottle White glue st-03.jpg

2. Once they are dry, number the pieces–alternatively, number them on your images before printing out in the first place! Just remember to number the pieces on your second image so that it mirrors the first. (See the end of this tutorial for illustrations about numbering).
You are now ready to cut out the pieces. Use a small, sharp scissor, and/or an exacto knife and cutting mat. The 1st image, or base, is cut only around the final edge of the stamp. The 2nd image is cut into pieces.

stamp-base.jpg Cut pattern apart

3. Glue the cut pieces onto the pattern base. Cut the black lines of each piece off (except around the outer edge). Glue paper to paper. The image on the base should look “correct.” You can see how the pink pieces in the illustration fit inside the black lines of the base.


Continue cutting and gluing all the pieces until your stamp is done.


    4. Use your new stamp to put the image onto a piece of cloth or paper.


    5. These illustrations show how numbering should be done on your patterns:


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    4 Responses to Fun foam stamp tutorial

    1. Shelley says:

      What a clever idea! Thank you for putting this tutorial together and sharing!

    2. danielle says:

      Oh I love working with Fun Foam. What a great idea to use it to make stamps. Thanks for sharing!

    3. Mel M. M. M. says:

      Amazing tutorial of a brilliant technique! Thank you SO much for sharing it! :O)

    4. carolwiebe says:

      The only drawback to this technique is that you cannot soak the stamps: the paper and glue will soften. You have to simply rinse and dry immediately, placing the stamps upside down on a paper towel so that no moisture stays in the creases for an extended period.

      I wonder if using rubber cement would make a difference. When I make my styrofoam stamps I can soak them all night with no pieces letting loose.

      Let me know how it works for you!

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