River of energy

The soul is the river of energy that animates who we are.

~Elizabeth Lesser

I decided this weekend to make myself a vision board. It’s like a poster, or mind map, where you put words, symbols, and images that represent things or states of being you would like to realize. I’ve heard so much about how these boards helped people to clarify their thinking, and realize their goals. Notice I said realize instead of accomplish. This isn’t necessarily about accomplishments. Somehow, when we get ourselves in alignment with what our deepest self desires, amazing things start happening. It’s more like a process of co-operating with what’s happening, rather than gritting our teeth, flexing our muscles, and determining to make things happen.

As Stanislav Grof said, “Each of us can manifest the properties of a field of consciousness that transcends space, time, and linear causality.

That’s an incredibly powerful statement! And I don’t know about you, but when I hear such statements, they intensify my desire for a deeper sense of consciousness, a greater openness to possibilities. The vision board seems to be a practical method of interacting with the “field of consciousness” in an intentional way. And some people I really admire say that vision boards work. Martha Beck, for instance. Many years ago, I read her book called “Expecting Adam.” It made me forever interested in what she has to say, because she was so honest, intelligent, and gut-splittingly funny. Quite a few books later, and I am still interested. This Harvard graduate is now a columnist for O magazine. She’s also a life coach.

Martha says she sees two reasons the vision board works. One is something called “selective attention.” “If you repeat the word, ‘blue, blue, blue,’ and you start looking around the room, all the blue things will start popping out,” she says. “Part of it is quantum physics. … We know now, scientifically, that consciousness brings matter into being where there was energy. So it’s not even necessarily that it draws it toward you. The conclusion is you’re literally creating some of this stuff.”

That quote comes from the Oprah site, and a show called Go Beyond the Secret. The three women on stage with Oprah for that show, Cheryl Richardson, Martha Beck, and Louise Hay (author of “You can heal your life”), had many insights into how we can hone and achieve the visions we have for our lives.

Back to the vision board: it will be my first. I’ve written goals, but never actually put them in visual form. I’m a visual artist. How do I interpret that, now that I see it written in black & white letters before me? Surprising? Ironic? Hilarious? Perhaps I should engage the services of a life coach. Or, perhaps I’ll just revel in the fact that my river of energy has carried me to this point, now, and made me aware of this new tool to utilize in my life!

I welcome experiences or comments you might have to offer on this process.


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Art entices, inspires, and delights me. Art is a vehicle for laughter, tears, wonder, enlightenment--taking me on a constant path of discovery. You can't say that about housework (except, perhaps, for the crying part).
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5 Responses to River of energy

  1. Laura says:

    I recommend listening to Tony Robbins (http://www.tonyrobbins.com/Home/Home.aspx). He’s great. Try the Live with Passion series.

  2. Davina says:

    I enjoyed your post. Thanks for sharing.

    I’ve done a vision board and it was quite an interesting process. I was part of a self-employement program and we were doing the exercise to “manifest” our businesses. We spent an afternoon searching through endless piles of magazines looking for pictures that represented what we envisioned for our business.

    Well, my business is about nutrition consulting / coaching. What I found interesting about this process was that I was guided by my feelings to find pictures I wanted to include on the vision board. Rather than looking for a specific item to manifest I found that I wanted to put on my board things that made me “feel”; cozy, nurtured and peaceful. I have the vision board on the wall by my desk… it functions just as an altar would; it holds a sacred type of energy….despite the yucky place I’ve been in for the last few months :-)

    My business has still not taken off after 6 months (a bit discouraging) but I’m definitely going through some kind of birthing process… call it the dark night of the soul… perhaps? This may not be the right business for me…. it is all about finding my voice.

  3. carolwiebe says:

    Thanks Laura. My son really admires Tony Robbins and his way of approaching life.

    Davina: Do another vision board. Do it after you have brought yourself into a meditative state. Ask your inner self what to include on the board, then find a picture or pictures that represents that. Do it as often as needed to get a sense of direction, release, a spark, a tingle. Write about it as well, and add that to your board. Pay attention to your dreams, and include symbols from them on your board. Consider your life as a waking dream, and pay attention to what the events are teaching you. I hope you do not consider this presumptuous; it just came to me as I thought about you. Keep watering: a plant will push through the soil. A flower will bloom.

  4. Davina says:

    Carol, your advice is much appreciated – thanks!

  5. Czar says:

    Thanks for your post, I enjoyed reading it .

    I have been to a few magazine parties myself to make my own vision board, but more recently I use the Bob Proctor lifesuccess vision board, have you seen it?

    I simple love it – easy to use and they have lots of resources. Well worth looking at.

    Also I am now member of vision lounge. There are many like minded people on visionlounge.com that come there on a regular basis to read and write blogs and participate in the groups there, maybe it is something you may be interested in.

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