Welcome to my Studio!

Did you think I was just a virtual studio?

Here are my Open Studio Virtual Online Tour pics, to illustrate that I am writing and creating art from a real live studio.


Reclad dresser

My husband, Ted,  “altered” an old dresser so that it has a beautiful new wooden top and room underneath to put crates on casters. My ipod provides music, and that is one of my art pieces above the dresser. You can also see a beautiful card and book from Kelli Nina Perkins.


Upper and lower cupboards

Ted also installed a whole bank of cupboards. These Ikea cupboards have a built in ironing board in the small top “drawer.” it is very handy. The little cabinet will soon be suitably decorated. It holds my handmade stamps.


Stainless steel double sink

I am the very fortunate recipient of a stainless steel, restaurant sink. The piece of wood you see at the top right is a temporary “hood. ” There is a fan behind it, and in the cupboard is a switch I can turn on for airbrushing.

Former bar area turned to storage

Former bar area turned to storage

What was once  a fairly large bar area has sliding doors that enclose sliding carts which I can pull out to access materials that I store there (mostly in banker boxes.) There is a light inside this storage area, and more shelves at the back and along the one side. No space is wasted!

Design Wall

Design Wall

When the doors are closed, they form my design wall. There is enough space between the doors so that items can stay pinned on the design wall even when the I slide the doors either way. The small, colorful plastic drawer unit houses beads.

FIling cabinet

FIling cabinet

I have no excuse not to be organized (does a double negative mean I am organized?) This large vertical filing cabinet is a refurbished one, but the drawers glide beautifully. The small plastic drawer unit holds my embroidery floss.

Work and storage table: I have two of these beauties!

Work and storage table: I have two of these beauties!

IAs I said in the photo caption, I have two of these beauties, designed and built by my talented, ever supportive husband, Ted. Every layer pulls out to hold paper, or works that I am drying and storing. Gwyneth is the small doll you see presiding over the setup of a new project. She was gifted to me by my friend and fellow artist, Margi Hennen.

Here is drawer pulled out.


The table looks wonky due to my picture taking, not because of the way it was built!

You can see that one “drawer” holds a lot, and keeps the items on it dust free. These are my works, except for the small piece with the crow on the side, which I received from Carla Gordon Kurt.

My sewing area can be seen on the video Cracked Paper Quilts I and Cracked Paper Quilts 2. I will eventually purchase, or Ted will build, a more multi-functional sewing cabinet.

Fabric (or paper) storage unit

Fabric (or paper) storage unit

Another Ted exclusive, this rack will hold fabric or paper. He made it out of copper pipe. The noodles slide on and off as needed. I also use the noodles to export cloth to other places when required.

Below it is another refurbished cabinet.


Cabinet for sewing supplies

Ted actually burned the leaf design into the wood. The cabinet holds sewing supplies, and is marked by a dressmaker torso from my friend, Diane Jones, who lives in Durham, Ontario. She and her partner, Randy Martin, are multi-talented folks who can create everything from art to houses, and also make music at the same time. (Ted and Randy are both candidates for the Superman designation, as far as Diane and I are concerned.)


Computer area

My computer work station is absolutely integral to my creative process.


Light table

Last is my very practical light table. Ted has plans for remaking this as well ~ the different sections need to pull out because it is difficult to put the paper in properly. You can see by his other work that when he puts his hands and mind to it, the light table will retain its practicality but become lovely to look at. In the meantime, it was a mainstay in my stained glass studio, of which the vestiges are now stored in boxes in the garage, but it still comes in very handy when tracing is required. A light switch on the side turns on the lights: it is very bright across the entire surface. I put a piece of 8.5 x 11 paper on it so you could get a sense of the surface size.

The little Sony Digital Handycam is responsible for any videos you have seen so far: Ted is the man behind the camera. He has a good eye and steady hand when it comes to capturing my studio antics.

About CarolWiebe

Art entices, inspires, and delights me. Art is a vehicle for laughter, tears, wonder, enlightenment--taking me on a constant path of discovery. You can't say that about housework (except, perhaps, for the crying part).
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32 Responses to Welcome to my Studio!

  1. Thanks for the peek into your studio Carol. I love to see how other people organize their creative environments. I just purchased a rolling drawer unit from Ikea for my large format printer. I haven’t seen the clever little ironing board so I guess another trip to Ikea is in order.

    Tell Ted I enjoyed the link to his site.

    Sharon in Sarnia

  2. Maria Davis says:

    OH my gosh, Carol

    Your studio is so neat!! Everything in its place.

    Thanks for sharing your studio pics.

  3. Wonderful space — the drawers, the cool floor, and those flat files just about made me faint! Your husband could totally go into business selling those! Thanks for sharing your space.

  4. #1 biz babe says:

    i so loved the tour of your creative space…is ted availlable for loan?!?!?please come see mine when you have a chance…i am having a giveaway…love the whole place…hugs, rebecca

  5. Sheri Gaynor says:

    WOW! I can honestly say that I have turned a shade of very dark green with envy. What a FANTASTIC space Carol and incredibly well thought out and designed. Congratulations. I love that magazine, they have such inspiring studio ideas. Yours studio is now one of my top 10…NUMBER 1 !!!!


  6. Lynn says:

    envy? awe? wow! lucky you!

  7. Terri says:

    Great tour Carol! You have an enviable work space. Lots of great gadgets and storage.

  8. Wendy says:

    oh. my. gosh.
    I am experiencing severe studio envy! That furniture! That sink! That paper storage! Wow!!!

  9. Kim D. says:

    Beautiful studio and a great place to create. Thanks for sharing it with us. It’s nice to have a woodworker in the family.

  10. Di says:

    Wow ~ what a studio! Love the work/storage tables and the light table. I’ll be showing those to my DH… maybe he’ll build something similar to the storage table (the one with pull-out shelves) for me. Thanks so much for opening & sharing your world with us!

  11. Thanks so much for sharing your studio! Your stainless steel restaurant sink is fabulous, as is everything else! You have a terrific handle on what all is needed to successfully create, and I especially love your attitude toward discovering what makes you happy and following it, which is really the prerequisite to all of it! Great organization and great inspiration!

  12. Okay, Carol, It could take me forever to get my studio neat and clean enough for you to visit. YIKES. What a great space you have. Thanks for the look!!
    Love the paper drawers, you must love working there. Think I ‘ll go clean up one of my tables:)

  13. Deb Sims says:

    Oh good grief! It’s not enought that you’re creative beyond words and full of energy, witty, smart and a real sweetheart but you have an organized, neat, gorgeous studio as well!
    You lucky girl, no wonder everything you do comes out so beautifully. And what fantastic luck to have Ted to do the handcrafted work spaces! Can I borrow him for a couple of years????
    It’s a fantastic studio for a fantastic artist!
    See you soon.

  14. Mary Anne says:

    I think we all want to know if Ted would do housecalls? You have an absolutely fabulous space and obviously a pretty fabulous husband too. Thanks so much for the fun tour.
    Mary Anne

  15. Carol,

    What a great snippet into your “other” life! What a lovely place you and Ted have developed for your creative mind. Absolutely well done! Thanks for sharing………..

  16. Shirley Blundell says:

    Love your comment Deb, My thoughts exactly . The most functional Studio I have ever seen-wow, said she enviously. From a ‘studio’ where we are now going to have lunch on the end of my craft table because the dining table is taken up with a quilt being worked on.
    Carol – a new business would be hiring out Ted to do makeovers on studios . What a gem but then you already know that,

  17. Gina says:

    Oh those work tables with the storage drawers are awesome! Thanks for the tour – you have a great studio!

  18. A great studio! Thanks for the tour.

  19. Flora says:

    What a gorgeous studio Carol! Thanks for sharing. I especially loved the floor….what a great idea! Actually I especially loved the pull out paper holder….I want one. Actually, I especially liked…well, everything! Thanks again!

  20. carolwiebe says:

    Thank you so much, everyone, for all the wonderful comments! I just came back from celebrating my son’s birthday, and have the grand kids to put to bed, so I will have to visit other studios tomorrow. It was great fun sharing my studio with you all.

    And yes, I know how fortunate I am to have Ted in my life. He has a philosophy that “A happy wife makes a happy life.” I concur!

  21. Bonnie says:

    Looks great Carol, you didn’t tell everyone Ted cooks too!

  22. LLAbbott says:

    What a wonderful space! And I love your “beauties” ~ those flat storage stations are an excellent addition to a studio and craft such as yours.

    Thank you so much for sharing your inspiring studio. Blessings

  23. coco8199 says:

    You have a truly wonderful space! I’ve always wanted paper storage tables like you have. Thanks for sharing!

  24. Susan says:

    I would think I’d died and gone to heaven if I had a studio like yours!

  25. Magpie Sue says:

    Wow – your husband does indeed deserve Superman status! Someday I’d like to have big sliding doors like that for my design wall. Just haven’t been able to pull it off yet :- )

  26. Honore Francois says:

    [Sigh] Anymore wonderful Teds out there? Please tell him how super his work is and thanks for sharing your wonderful studio…and the blog post before it. Very inspirational.

  27. SUSIE MONDAY says:

    Great space Carol. Thanks for sharing. After seeing mine, you know I am scarcely in the neat department — more like totally funky –. You may envy me the art cabinet, but I envy you the flat storage drawers!

  28. Mary Buek says:

    So, Carol, is there anything you can’t create? Love your studio, and can I borrow your carpenter for a while?

  29. Sandra says:

    Your studio is so beautifully serene; very calming although I can see how you’re very creative in this space. It’s workable, with a calming influence. Or, that’s how I see it -smile-.

  30. jeane says:

    your space is amazing Carol – i can’t imagine working in an incredible space like this – fabulous!

  31. carolwiebe says:

    Thank you, Jeane. It is such a gift to have a dedicated space. I am grateful every day that enter my studio.

  32. OH MY GOSH…your studio space is pure heaven!! I can only dream of having a space like this someday…you’ve given me both inspiration and some very clever ideas. Spectacular, all the way down to the lovely painted swirls on the floor!

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