The Artful Life

Somehow, I have become quite relaxed about this new “career” of mine, making art.

I have decided it will not be anything like my other careers, where I labored hard and long to acquire the credentials and secure the positions I believed I needed. In all these positions I have had bosses to obey, co-workers to co-operate with, work to take home that ate away at off time, and a varied assortment of stresses that I simply considered part of  “the game.” In fact, I have not quite quit those games: by all counts I have another three years to keep my game face on. (Fortunately, when I am with the little ones, I just have fun!)

But art, ahhhh, that is an entirely different matter. My art career is unfolding as a marvelous, revelatory path of discovery. I have no-one else to please or answer to. I can create what I want, when and how I want. I have more dreams and plans than you can shake the proverbial stick at, but I refuse to get in a flap about any of them. I am engaged by them, not employed by them. They fascinate and excite me. They do not demand my time, but fill my time like love fills an open heart. I am not obligated to perform, but can follow the inner invitation to play with my entire being.

My intuition informs me of each step and I can take all the time I need to fulfill it. My “job” is to simply enjoy myself and observe the evolution of my desires and intentions. I believe new opportunities are constantly coming my way and that I will be ready to embrace each and every one of them, without having to frantically follow a checklist set out for me by the latest success guru. I intend to have it all: the joy of art making, an art business that springs out of that, and plenty of leisure time to share with the people I love. I’ve had some successes in achieving this, and realising that art is part of everything I do.

Body, mind, and spirit are fully occupied with living the artful, art-filled life.


About CarolWiebe

Art entices, inspires, and delights me. Art is a vehicle for laughter, tears, wonder, enlightenment--taking me on a constant path of discovery. You can't say that about housework (except, perhaps, for the crying part).
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8 Responses to The Artful Life

  1. Carol, Told myself the same thing. I said “Chris” you don’t need to hurry all the time. Better yet you don’t need to feel like if you aren’t constantly producing ……” Basically I just stopped should-ing on myself.

  2. barb says:

    I just got home from a walk around the lake and was exclaiming these exact thoughts to my husband. I was infatuated by the colors of leaves on the trees, the intricacy of the bark and how the light played off both. This excercise completely occupied my mind, body and spirit. How delightful it is, this art-filled life!

  3. Carol Wiebe says:

    Kathyanne, Jeane, Chris, Barb:

    I can’t tell you how good it feels to have women like you, who get it, comment like this. Chris is absolutely right about throwing out the shoulds. Living the art filled life is about living expansively, graciously, leisurely, joyously.

  4. Deb Sims says:

    Yes, yes, yes! Breathe deep, seek peace.

  5. This moved me to tears…It’s what I wish for myself, and it’s as if you pulled the words out of my heart. Thank you for expressing it.

  6. Carol Wiebe says:

    Deb, I am breathing more deeply.

    Sherri, you are so welcome. I was feeling tired, and that is not the way my creative endeavours should make me feel. So, I decided to rethink how I am doing things. Feeling overwhelmed by all I want to do, and even burdened by having too much on my plate, is not living the artful life. I felt fabulous after writing this, like I had somehow dissolved some inner boundaries.

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