Watch Amazing Art Workshops for Free on Art Workshops TV!

All day today, you can watch Creative Catalyst Productions art workshops for free. All you have to do is register at It’s a great way to see which ones would be advantageous for you to buy. I have many of these DVDs and recommend them highly.


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Art entices, inspires, and delights me. Art is a vehicle for laughter, tears, wonder, enlightenment--taking me on a constant path of discovery. You can't say that about housework (except, perhaps, for the crying part).
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7 Responses to Watch Amazing Art Workshops for Free on Art Workshops TV!

  1. winnipegger says:

    no access to free videos as promised . Very frustrating for myself and many others. Not good publicity for Art Workshops.TV. Hope they fix things and offer another free viewing day.

  2. winnipegger says:

    Have managed to access a few now after going to my account and realizing not all the info from my original sign up was there. After confirming all info as if actually purchasing the video, I received an email saying it was now in my MyWorkshops location, from which I could view the chosen videos. Only got to view one as others must be loaded with people watching. R.T.

    • barbara says:

      I can’t figure it out – I agree: frustrating. Great idea to offer it but not if it can’t be delivered. bk

      • carolwiebe says:

        Barbara, this was offered some time ago. The great thing is, any of us who had problems were given another day of viewing, and we had some say in when that day was, so I have NO complaints! I think they had a far higher volume than they were expecting.

        Creative Catalyst is a wonderful company: responsive, eager to please and they have wonderful dvds. I have a lot of them.

  3. winnipegger says:

    I was very pleased with the free day offered to viewers unable to access the original offer on January 1. I had an all day viewing, in March as I recall. I saw many fabulous videos which I could view more than once from start to finish with no interruptions or stops. I also signed up for some videos later on the free day (at 11:45 pm) and they were available for viewing the next day for quite a long period of time. Something to remember if we’re offered another free day of videos.
    Creative Catalyst is a very reputable company in my view, and they really keep their promises. My family has purchased their videos for me as gifts and have had no problems. Sure beats another bottle of perfume as a gift that lasts. R.T.

  4. barbara says:

    you’re right, i take it back – all I saw was “today” and was too excited to read the date it was posted. Too bad I missed it, glad you folks were able to partake of it. Barbara

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