Dreaming Up a New Reality

Listening for the promptings of spirit, and seeking to follow them, has been my way of life for decades. In fact, I have clear memories of experiencing a sense of “the Other” as a young child. Therefore, my attention was riveted upon discovering Katherine Treffinger’s brochure, Art of Transformation.

On Our Living Dream, Katherine unabashedly reveals her calling to be a mentor and healer for others:

In 1980 I had a profound spiritual awakening. As a result I began seeing spirits, the doors of my perception and intuition opened and healing energies started coming through me. Up to this point I had considered myself an agnostic. There was no longer any denying that there were other realities. I was very fortunate to find incredible spiritual mentors to help me through this change. My spiritual journey became my primary focus.


Sicilian Rose ~ by Katherine Treffinger


As a healer, Katherine employs the laying on of hands, physically or from a distance. Both involve touching the energetic field that envelops and sustains every living thing:

All manifestation is, in reality, made of energy and, healing must take place on the energetic level. It is not my intention to remove a manifestation, for that would do no good for anyone as the energy body of the discord would still exist and need to create a manifest reality to match it. It is my gift .  .  . to catalyze a transformation that brings not only a shift of the energy at the deepest level but an awareness of the causative emotional foundation of the energetic configuration.

Treffinger Daily highlights Katherine’s Art and Meaning Project, where she challenges artists to articulate:

What meaning does doing art have for you? In other words why do you show up in your studio, or wherever, and pick up your tools day after day?

Then, in Art Of This World, Katherine answers the meaning question herself, with discerning prompts from interviewer Mary Ann Wakeley. This interview riveted my attention, for many reasons.

First, Katherine uses her emotions as a touchstone:

I have a very active relationship with my feelings in that I like to stay very in touch with what is up with me and let my feelings guide me. I am also a firm believer that emotions have a large impact on the life we create for ourselves .  .  .  I have learned that one of the most successful things I can do in creating a piece of art is to express my feelings in the creating. I think that is true of any expressive artist, of which I am definitely one.

She maintains the hope of catching glimpses of God’s face. My synapses were incited like fireworks when I read this . . . it is such an apt way of describing the longing for the ineffable, and seeking to slake part of that thirst within the painting process:

My commitment, to expressing the Divine mystery, keeps me returning to painting abstractly, in hopes that some quality of God’s face will show up in the work. It is easier for me to stay with the Divine mystery in working abstractly, which in its’ nature is a mystery.

Katherine employs meditation to tune into Divine guidance and partner with her Higher Self, but this is not by any means a passive practice. Rather, it encourages and inspires the active expression of her creative nature, which is a reflection of divine creativity.

Katherine has very effectively linked her spiritual and art practices.

I have been devoted to my spiritual path for 30 years now, and I have been an artist for 18 of those years. So it was actually the art that came out of the spiritual.

I have a hunch that the artist was always there, but required Katherine’s permission to surface into consciousness. We should all be grateful to the friend who insisted that Katherine express her artistic mandate. How marvellous to attract a catalyst with a cheque book, and sell your first artistic endeavour!

That cheque book segues right into Katherine’s unequivocal desire to relish even more success than she already has. She is not coy about it:

I want to be successful. I want to have galleries representing me that are, in fact, successful in selling my work, so that all I have to do is produce and deliver and let go of figuring out the how and where. My goal is, always, to reach for more sophistication in the expression of my unique voice.

That statement has renewed the excavation of my consciousness for more of those nasty psycho-emotional roots that have caused great stumbling on the road to financial success. Let me be even more succinct: my beliefs about money often forced me right off the road altogether!

“Money and spirit are not compatible,” “You can only get money through greed,” “Money is filthy lucre,” are but a few of the whisperings that only became audible after much personal inner work. Before being uncovered, they were simply silent saboteurs.

Of course, growing up in the Mennonite Church, such scripture verses as “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God” (Matthew 19:23-24, Mark 10:24-25 and Luke 18:24-25) were influential in reinforcing the money/spirituality duality.

When artists like Katherine Treffinger openly proclaim that their spiritual beliefs and financial dreams are compatible, artists like myself have role models to emulate.

The proof is in the painting.


The Witness ~ by Katherine Treffinger



About CarolWiebe

Art entices, inspires, and delights me. Art is a vehicle for laughter, tears, wonder, enlightenment--taking me on a constant path of discovery. You can't say that about housework (except, perhaps, for the crying part).
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8 Responses to Dreaming Up a New Reality

  1. You have featured one of my favourite artists and a very spiritual lady. ‘The Witness’ also brings joy to me whenever I view it. Thanks for the post Carol.

    • Carol Wiebe says:

      The act of witnessing is a double entendre for me, Sharon. Being a witness to our own inner life is a means for capturing images to paint, and live by.

  2. tammy vitale says:

    oh Raven. So much a part of my life since June and my trip out west. Only peripheral before then, front and center now – what a gorgeous depiction. Thank yoU!

  3. Carol thank you. Networking is a great gift to give. It was wonderful to see how someone else chose to present me. You did a beautiful job. I am deeply touched.

    • Carol Wiebe says:

      Katherine, you are so welcome. The Internet has been such a positive influence in my life, as well, and I consider it an honor to share those who have stirred my soul with others. Your images and words were like a whirlwind in my mind that I could only calm by writing about you.

  4. I think so much of this is tied to the sense of self-worth for so many of us. Particularly growing up in a culture that holds stardom/fame the ultimate goal. Certainly we were taught that since few of us would attain stardom, it would be better to hunker-down and apply ourselves to reasonable goals. The old, “good job with benefits” goal. I think what we didn’t hear is the message that to be sustained by our art is an achievable goal–and therefore a positive one. Perhaps we are beginning to hear something different.
    Thanks Carol–this is incredibly powerful!

  5. Carol Wiebe says:

    Amen, Julianne! I do think it should be a reasonable goal to be sustained by our art, both spiritually and financially.

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