A Time For Gratitude

I just read Tammy’s Never-a-Bah Humbug post, Jeane’s Thank You, Blue Sky Dreaming’s determination and gratitude during Winter Solstice, Bridgette’s encouragement to eat lots of cookies, Leah’s suggestion to make like a butterfly and let your life metamorphose, caught a glimpse of Dale’s new book, Portrait of the Artist (it’s handbound!!!), Diane’s amazing gestation, Elena’s reflection on impermanence, Flora’s fulfilled grandparental urges, Gloria’s digital card, Courtney’s celebration of the return of light, Katie is listening to a sun song (Here’s my choice), Julianne is looking for signs (that are ALWAYS there), Katherine Tyrrell is once again Making Her Mark by her astute observations and predictions, Katherine Treffinger offers this amazing image, and Mary Ann Wakeley makes an observation about her way of working that is so close to mine: I am discovering that the more humble the materials, the more in tune I feel with the work (wait until you see what she paints on Kraft paper!).

Jude offers a little solstice cloth, KathyAnne has a Mariposa Grove piece printed on her own amate bark paper (pounded in her bathtub), Kelli is bragging about her new studio (can’t blame her), Leslie is farting around (as only Leslie can), Maggie is giving away Silly Birds, Sharon has created a slide show of her works and encourages artists to avoid complacency and always keep growing. Susan is composting (her mind) and Rima is white-ivied.

Sue has started a Sketch Book Challenge with a chorus of amazing artists, and Jane  is creating some stunning tea bag art (inspired by Judy, who is thinking about making a rare New Year’s resolution), and Ricë is helping everyone carve out creative time and space for themselves.

My sister, Barb Pearson (photographer and painter after her life as a lawyer ~now there’s a metamorphosis) has started a blog called urban-snapshot, along with her son, Joel Bergen. My nephew, Dan Wiebe (incredible composer, singer, musician and conductor) has created his first music video, Hall of Snarky Ghosts.

I have just spent a few hours looking up these fabulous artists, to see what they are up to this holiday season, and sharing what I saw with you. That’s what a holiday is for: pouring a cup of something delicious and giving yourself such a gift.

This post simply passes it on. Enjoy!

Art book page ~ by Carol Wiebe


About CarolWiebe

Art entices, inspires, and delights me. Art is a vehicle for laughter, tears, wonder, enlightenment--taking me on a constant path of discovery. You can't say that about housework (except, perhaps, for the crying part).
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10 Responses to A Time For Gratitude

  1. Tammy Vitale says:

    Thanks for the shout out! I have my coffee sitting beside me. I am banished from the living area while husband wraps presents. Perfect! I shall go browse. Thanks for doing all the hard work!

  2. what a beautiful gift–thanks Carol. artists I know and love, artists new to me–and being included amongst them is wonderful. and please tell your nephew I think the video & song are great. The title is the best!
    I wish you the most beautiful holidays!!

  3. THanks for including me in this marvelous collection. And such a yummy surface to your star piece here. Looks like mica, but what are the materials and are they sewn or glued on? Merry Christmas Carol!

  4. Jeane says:

    peace and love and huge amounts of creativity to you as the new year is about ready to roll out Carol xxo

    • Carol Wiebe says:

      AMEN! I reflect your gift of good wishes right back to you, knowing that no-one could use their time more creatively than you do, Jeane!

  5. elena says:

    Your art is so Joyfull!!!! Love being here, UR wonderful Carol.

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