Rooted in Intuition

Rooted in Intuition: Paintings and Sculptures by Diane Marie Kramer opens on January 21, 2011.

Diane Marie Kramer (used with permission)

Both a sculptor and a painter, Diane’s approach to her work (as she says in the brochure for this exhibition) is instinctive ~ capturing the “essence of things and beings.” Securely rooted in intuition, these works reflect her desire to “give voice to the invisible reality.” As artistic shaman, she is able to cross “the boundary of the known into mystery:”

Intuition and dream states are channels through which I arrive at the form and content of my work. I am able to focus beyond the immediate visual reality and allow myself to enter a dream state. I am then able to cultivate my images, feelings and forms which connect me to the unconscious world where my images are developed. My work conveys the passage of time and inner worlds, reflecting who I am as an artist and individual. ….. ~ Diane Kramer, on

How fortunate for us that Diane is able, and willing, to share the “sacred, spiritual and alchemical revelations” that inform her life. Rooted in Intuition allows us to witness, in concrete form, some of the gleanings of her inner journeys.

Six String ~ by Diane Kramer (used with permission)

The Way of the Raven ~ by Diane Kramer (used with permission)

Six String and The Way of the Raven are two of my favorites from the Rooted In Intuition photostream. Be warned: you will have difficulty tearing your eyes away from these images. You can also view a slide show on ARTslant that will afford more glimpses of an artist who is sure of her own power.

My fascination with color, textures, and shapes, and the alchemical process that occurs in the melding of materials, feeling, and form over time have manifested into the completed works which are all  “rooted in intuition.”    ~Diane Kramer, on ARTslant

If you cannot attend the show, Diane is offering 2 calendars celebrating it:  Rooted in Intuition and  Rooted in Intuition 2. If you are able to attend the show, you will probably want to buy both calendars, anyway, in order to revisit the images all year long.

Diane’s website reveals the fact that there is a musical component to her work, as well:

Many of the images are also connected to musical vibrations. The vibration of both sound and image are the same to me. The image, like the musical vibration, follows a feeling that is rooted in intuition. Art is complex images with feeling that emanates. It becomes whole as it is contemplated.

I hear the music, Diane Marie Kramer. Your art is singing.

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Art entices, inspires, and delights me. Art is a vehicle for laughter, tears, wonder, enlightenment--taking me on a constant path of discovery. You can't say that about housework (except, perhaps, for the crying part).
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3 Responses to Rooted in Intuition

  1. What gorgeous work–I especially loved “Walking through Darkness” from her flickr images. There’s nothing like knowing beautiful work is being done out there to keep us all warm through the wretched cold months.

    Thanks much–as always.

  2. Thank you very much Carol for your lovely written and visual presentation on your blog concerning my work. I am so grateful and touched by this!
    I hope so very much you can find a way to see the show. It is really special to see all the works in person in the space. Thank you very much!! xxoo

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