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Anything can inspire art . . . . anything. It’s all in how you see and feel it.

A Heavy Heart Can Still Sing

I don’t usually talk about personal family matters in my blogging. But I am making an exception in regards to my oldest son, who works in advertising as a Creative Director. I gave birth to Jason when I was 19, … Continue reading

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Work Is a Very Serious Matter

David Whyte knows whereof he speaks when it comes to the meaning of “work.” He has been bringing poetry to the corporate world for decades, and challenging people to deepen their understanding and practice of the work they do. Work … Continue reading

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My son sent a link to me yesterday, saying that a Ted Talk he listened to, given by Brené Brown, had affected him deeply. Opening to Vulnerability I listened to it, and was struck, immediately, by three things: 1–You can’t pick … Continue reading

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Painting As Tribute

This video is worth watching on many levels.

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Taking a Puppet Through Its Paces

I have used puppets for decades in my teaching and public library career, but this just took my breath away. First, watch these TED Talks about the Handspring Puppet Company: I found the trailer of the National Theatre’s smash hit, War … Continue reading

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Strandbeests Prowl Dutch Coastlines

My friend, Deb, sent me a link about a madly creative artist named Theo Jansen. I was utterly captivated by his kinetic sculptures. If you want to see more, as I did, there are other YouTube videos available for viewing.

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Forget the kiss from a prince, Sleeping Beauty, embrace your own being.

I had to put this in my own blogs: the message is TOO good to pass by. Seth Godin reminds us why we think we have to hold back, waiting to get picked by some authority, before we will be … Continue reading

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I also play the shell game

Julianne’s comments are “off,” so I will tell you, here, how stimulated I was by her post “Shell Game.” Julianne writes like an angel, which is my way of saying that her words give wings to thoughts and impressions, and … Continue reading

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Nothing Will Change Unless We Change

Dance, sing, pray, make art . . . . to heal yourself and our Mother Earth.

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Your Money or Your Life

Years ago I read a book called Your Money or Your Life, by Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robin. It was a life changing book, for me, as it opened my eyes to the fact that the money I made represented how … Continue reading

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