We will construct an art book, from scratch, with a quilted paper cover. I will demonstrate a number of clever cover and binding techniques, and participants can choose what best suits their way of working. Then we will throw an array of mixed media techniques at our creations.

Not only will each participant produce a lovely and sturdy book, but she may realize an outlet for deep, personal expression. What was hidden can become an open book!


–Sewing machine. I do my paper quilting with a regular size 12 or 14 needle.
–Thimble, needles for hand sewing (I use quilting needles)
–Several large needles for piercing paper to create signatures.
–Range of crochet hooks, from 1.00 mm (steel) to 3.00 mm
(I use size 1.00 to crochet sewing thread)
–Scissors for paper
–Ruler, exacto knife
–Paint brushes, sponges, rollers, etc. (your preferred tools)
–Stencils, stamps (optional)


–1 metre acrylic felt
–1 metre thin cotton of any kind, no matter what the color or pattern.
–1/4 metre fine tulle (nylon netting).
–A few metres of fairly wide nylon lace
–White & black polyester thread (optional: other colors)
–Images and words, preferably your own, photocopied or printed
–A wad of blank computer/copy paper for backing, and for creating new design papers
–Magazine and newspaper pages
–1 roll waxed paper and/or deli paper
–1 roll paper towels
–Liquid matte medium, and soft gel medium (gloss)
–White gesso
–White glue
–Acrylic paints: black, white, and the primaries are sufficient.
–Dimensional Paints of any color
–Pencil, pen, black marker (Sharpie)
–Pencil crayons (water soluble as well), pastels, inks
–Your favored mixed media supplies (i.e. metal foil, collage elements, clay, beads, yarn, string, lace, trim, etc.)

Make sure you include your sense of humour and the willingness to mind your muse !