I love adding buttons and brooch-like items to my art quilts and art books. Handmade beads are also fun, and can be made in the exact color and patterns you need!

Here are some of the topics/techniques that we will explore:

Φ Papier-mâché
……..We will make fabulous buttons, beads, cabochons and “brooches.”
……..This is not the infamous lumpy, newspaper and flour papier-mâché of grade school
Φ Air-dry clay
……..The new air-dries are amazingly strong, and quite flexible.
Φ Tassels
……..We will create tassels with papier mache/air dry clay tops, and embroidery floss.


  • Your own images and words, printed on simple copy paper.
  • A CD or DVD of further images would be useful as well.
  • Your favorite fluid acrylics (and any other paint or surface coloring agent you enjoy)
  • Gesso (white & black)
  • Dimensional paint (white & black)
  • Gloss medium (liquid)
  • White glue
  • A variety of paint brushes
  • Hanks of embroidery floss in your favorite colors<
  • Crochet hooks