We will create a doll for the wall using photos or drawing of your significant other’s face. If you can get photos of their feet and hands, even better. We will then use many of the same techniques as those for making a paper quilt:
…..Φ Using printed images
…..Φ Making and using a variety of art papers for clothing.
…..Φ Shaping the body
…..Φ Painting with acrylic & gesso on the quilted paper
…..Φ Using pencil crayons, pastels, dimensional paint, stamps, etc.


  • Images of the person you want to create the doll for (face, hands, feet) printed on simple copy paper. A CD or DVD of further images would be useful as well~or simply a collection of papers, as long as the ink will not run. Photocopied images are fine.
  • Watercolour paper
  • Your favorite fluid acrylics (and any other paint or surface coloring agent you enjoy), Gesso (white & black)
  • Dimensional paint (white & black)
  • Gloss medium (liquid)
  • Matte or semi-gloss medium (gel)
  • A variety of paint brushes
  • White cotton, 1/2 metre
  • Acrylic felt, 1/2 metre
  • White & black polyester thread
  • Hand sewing needles
  • Scissors
  • A sewing machine if possible
  • You can also bring any stamps, rollers, brayers, or other such tools that you normally employ. I’m sure we can incorporate them!