You know how you have the quilt all stitched and painted, and then think of an important element you’d like to add: maybe a feather, a leaf, a mandala. But if you collage it on now, it will look so out of place! Well, I have developed a method I talked about in Quilting Arts Issue 33, where I stitch a paper element and add it as an after-the fact applique that will look as if it always belonged wherever you put it!


  • Printed or photocopied images (keep fairly simple)
  • Your favorite acrylic paints
  • Any other paint or surface coloring agent you enjoy
  • Gesso (white & black)
  • Dimensional paint (white & black)
  • Gloss medium (liquid)
  • Matte or semi-gloss medium (gel),
  • A variety of paint brushes.
  • Foam brushes, in the smallest size, if you have them.
  • Hand sewing needles
  • White and black polyester thread
  • A thimble
  • Scissors