I have always loved crochet: it is so versatile, so easy to shape, and has many different “looks.” I have found that it is also a great skill to apply to quilted hangings: for edging, for joining modules within the hanging, for binding, and even for the sleeve that holds the hanging rod. Crocheted lace at the bottom of a hanging adds an “heirloom” touch  to the piece. We will explore all these different ways to incorporate this wonderful skill into our mixed media art quilts!

We will also paint the crochet after it is made, and employ other mixed media techniques.


  • A 1mm steel hook (or a litle bigger if that is too fine for you)
  • Fine white crochet cotton (size 30 or finer) in white
  • Several spools of white polyester thread.
  • Embroidery floss in favorite colors
  • A selection of yarns, ribbons, laces, edgings
  • Quilting needles (for hand sewing)
  • Embroidery needles that the crochet cotton will fit through