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The Girl Effect

This just makes sense. It can be overwhelming, at times, to realize how many things in our world don’t. However, I prefer to look in the direction of what we can do, and would like to see happen. Be sure … Continue reading

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How to Have a Good Day

I didn’t have much money, but I had time and a sense of wonder. …………~ Louie Schwartzberg

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Watch Deborah Demonstrate Touch Drawing

There is something elemental about shaping images with your hands, and Deborah is a master at this. Deborah Demonstrates Touch Drawing.

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Taking a Puppet Through Its Paces

I have used puppets for decades in my teaching and public library career, but this just took my breath away. First, watch these TED Talks about the Handspring Puppet Company: I found the trailer of the National Theatre’s smash hit, War … Continue reading

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Strandbeests Prowl Dutch Coastlines

My friend, Deb, sent me a link about a madly creative artist named Theo Jansen. I was utterly captivated by his kinetic sculptures. If you want to see more, as I did, there are other YouTube videos available for viewing.

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I also play the shell game

Julianne’s comments are “off,” so I will tell you, here, how stimulated I was by her post “Shell Game.” Julianne writes like an angel, which is my way of saying that her words give wings to thoughts and impressions, and … Continue reading

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Carol Staub Plays Hard

I cannot tell you how I found this woman’s work, but she is prolific and her work really speaks to me. Carol spent 26 years working for Delta Airlines, and then retired to “play.” Within 8 years, she won over … Continue reading

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A Virtual Appetizer for “Rooted in Intuition”

My former post anticipated the show, Rooted in Intuition, by Diane Kramer. These photographs, taken by Michael Schaefer, illustrate the fact that the show is taking place RIGHT NOW at The University of Pittsburgh at Bradford ~ Jan. 21 through Feb. 25, … Continue reading

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Rooted in Intuition

Rooted in Intuition: Paintings and Sculptures by Diane Marie Kramer opens on January 21, 2011. Both a sculptor and a painter, Diane’s approach to her work (as she says in the brochure for this exhibition) is instinctive ~ capturing the … Continue reading

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Add to Your Own Mix with Wikipedia’s List of Colors

I love looking at color groupings, and can spend inordinate amounts of time fingering the paint samples in a building supplies store, or the rows of embroidery floss at a craft or sewing store. I took a number of classes … Continue reading

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